Appreciation to Our Volunteers

Phase 1 “Gaja” Storm Help

Immediately after the ” Gaja” storm, Mr Rameshkumar S, Ex Indian Air Force, informed us about the damages and ready for his volunteering help to those villages hit by the storm.  Within a short period of time he was able to coordinate with many volunteers including our volunteers from Chennai.  Though we had little fund to start with we were able to join with Rameshkumar S.  We sent our volunteers Mr Maghesh and Mr Kevin from Chennai on November 23rd with minimal essential commodities.

Along with native village volunteers, every one made a very good team work to supply essential commodities to around 300 families in Thiruvarur, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam and Pudukottai districts of Tamil Nadu, India. This was our Phase One help to those victims. 

You can view the tireless activities of all the volunteers helping the people as much as possible in the above video.  Every one worked very hard, in the rain, in the mud, day and night to help the people.  

 We really appreciate all the volunteers including the many names which are not mentioned here. We prepared even better and bigger volunteers group for Phase Two storm relief help and will be described in the next.  We can still help more people if we can raise more funds.  Please share this information, which will help us to help more victims.  

For online donation please click the link below        

To send money through bank , the account details given below,  

Indian Overseas Bank, India
Ravikumar Kareesan
Account number – 048201000024134,
Mahalingapuram branch.
CHENNAI , 600034.

Your suggestions are welcome to raise the fund.  For question email,  Once again sincere thanks to all the Volunteers, Supporters and Donors.

Yours, Dr Ravikumar K,


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Tears of “Gaja” Storm Victims – In Need of Immediate Help

Dear Friends & Devotees,

It’s really very sad to see that there are more families in desperate need of help due to “Gaja” storm in many affected villages of Tamil Nadu, India.  Some villages received little and but many villages didn’t get any help.  For the past two weeks we did gave our help to several villages.   Recently our volunteers sent us many videos from the victims and I have attached a few below.  Please view the following videos and we can help them at least a little as per the availability of funds.  

We are running short of funds to help many families.  

Please help us to help these victims and more in storm affected villages of Tamil Nadu, India.    Please share the information to your friends and families through different medias to raise the funds to help them.  All the help given directly to the needy people through our volunteers.                                                                             Your $ 1 can provide basic food for a day per person 

Please click the link below to send your valuable donation online. 

You can also send your donation directly to the bank account information  given below. 
Indian Overseas Bank, India
Ravikumar Kareesan
Account number – 048201000024134,
Mahalingapuram branch.
CHENNAI , 600034.

USA bank account information as below,                                                                                Fifth Third Bank, USA
Ravikumar Kareesan
A/C Number – 7975393864
Routing number – 072405455
Waterford, Michigan 48327
USA                                                                                                                                                    For question email  Once again thanks for your support.  Please continue to do so. Sri Parashakthi bless all.

Yours, Dr Ravikumar K,

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Sincere thanks to our donors and volunteers

Dear friends & devotees, Thank you very much for your donation to help the Gaja Storm victims in TamilNadu. Through our volunteers so far we were able to help more than 300 hundred families those who are in many remote villages of Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Pudukottai and Nagapattinam districts of TamilNadu. We delivered a few most essential commodities through our volunteers directly.

Last weekend December 1 & 2, we did the second phase of help and we are planning to do more. Soon I will keep you all updated. All the relief help were given under the banner of Agathiyar Lopamudra Around The World and Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra Temple, Kalyana Theertham, Tirunelveli, India. Sri Parashakthi, Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra guiding us well and pray that Divine will bless all the victims to recover well.

I really appreciate all our voluteers for their hardwork, enthusiatic, well organized and continuous to do more.  In a very short period of time our volunteer Mr Rameshkumar S, Ex Indian Air Force, guided and organized entire team and to help. Mrs Rameshkumar S, Mr Chittibabu, Mr Mahesh, Mr Kevin and many volunteers representing their villages including Mr.Balamurugan, Mr.Ramkumar, Mr Mahaendran, Mr Sam Mahendran, Mr Udayakumar, Mr Loganathan and more, were able to help the victims days & nights. 

Once again I thank you all personally for your support and help towards the storm victims. Sri Parashakthi will bless all of us to do more service to help the Humanity. I will send more updates soon.

Yours Dr Ravikumar K,

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Urgent Gaja Storm Relief Help Needed

Agathiyar sidhars v4



Dear frineds and devotees, The following villages need immediate help. We gathered the details through our volunteers.

Please help by your kind donatation what ever you can through online donation. Please click the link to donate online.…

You can send your donation for storm victims directly,
Indian Overseas Bank, India
Ravikumar Kareesan
Account number – 048201000024134,
Mahalingapuram branch.
CHENNAI , 600034.

சித்திரையூர் மற்றும் பாலக்குறிச்சி
மாவூர் – வடபாதிமங்கலம் வழி
திருவாரூர் மாவட்டம்
Tarapaulin – 50
Bed Sheet – 100
Torch Light – 100
Contact: K.Panneerselvam 9442694411
IV.Kumaresan +91 96263 71555

ஊமக்கொள்ளை கிராமம்
தார்பாய் – 70 நபர்க ளுக்கு
போர்வை – 70 நபர்களுக்கு
டார்ச்லைட் – 70 நபர்க ளுக்கு
Volunrteer Name – Ramadhoss
Contact Number – 9965501122

உதவி தேவை .. புயலினால் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட
வேதாரனயம் வட்டம்
தலைஞாயிறு ஒன்றியம்
துளசாபுரம் பஞ்சாயத்து க்கு உட்பட்ட
100 குடும்பங்களுக்கு.

தார்பாய்கள் (100 பாய்கள் )
மளிகை பொருட்கள்
பால் பவுடர்

உடனடியாக தேவை ..

தொடர்புக்கு : மகேந்திரன் 919787050066
அல்லது என்னை Sam Mahendran தொடர்புகொள்ளவும்
+65 92263844 (வாட்ஸ் அப் )

இந்தப்பகுதிகளுக்கு இன்னமும் எந்தவித நிவாரண உதவிகள் கிடைக்கவில்லை.
புதுக்கோட்டை மாவட்டம்
புதுக்கோட்டை தாலுகா அய்யா வயல் கிராமம்,ராசப்பட்டி அஞ்சல் ,

எந்தவித உதவியும் கிடைக்காத கிராமம்
மொத்தம் 55 குடியிருப்பு
சமையல் பொருட்கள்
பால் பாவுடர் ,பிஸ்கட்,அரிசி,காய்கறிகள்,கோதுமை,சேமியா,பேஸ்ட்,சோப்,தண்ணீர் கேன், மின்விளக்கு,

ஊர் நபர் தொடர்பு எண்:உதயகுமார் +919865995861


புதுக்கோட்டை மாவட்டம் ஆலங்குடி தாலுகா, சூத்தியன்பட்டி கிராமம் பகுதிக்கு கஜா புயலினால் மிகவும் சேதம் தயவு செய்து நண்பர்கள் உதவுங்கள்.. தற்பொழுது 120 குடும்பங்கள் உள்ளன. தார்பாய், போர்வை தேவை அய்யா. தொடர்புக்கு Pudukkottai dist Alangudi area plz Contact : Loganathan G, 6380247191, 9629788526, Rajalingam- 9751130853,

There are more villages are in need of help and we are working on it. Your support is essential. We do this service directly through our volunteers.
For question please feel free to contact   Thanks for your support. Sri Parashakthi Bless all of you
Yours, Dr Ravikumar K

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Help Gaja Strom Victims in Tamil Nadu

Agasthiyar Panorama

Dear Friends & Devotees,

We are trying to help the victims of Gaja Strom In Tamil Nadu.  One of our volunteer Mr S. Rameshkumar,  Indian Airforce Veteran, is already went to the Vedaranyam village with little of essential commodities to help the victims.  We still need more support to help the victims.
People are afraid and continue to suffer without homes or even the basic stability of earth to consider rebuilding. Personally, I really wanted to help some victims directly during this challenging time. I expressed my desire to my friends, volunteers, & famillies and, every one willing to  coordinate to help the people in need.

Please click here to view public fund raising page


You can send your Donation directly to either one of the Bank Accounts.  The details are as follows.

Ravikumar Kareesan, Indian Overseas Bank, India
Account number – 048201000024134,
Mahalingapuram branch.
CHENNAI , 600034.


Fifth Third Bank, USA
Ravikumar Kareesan
A/C Number – 7975393864
Routing number – 072405455
Waterford, Michigan 48327

Our commitment is to help, please join us,  make a donation and forward the link! Thank you for your support! All donations to this fund will support directly to the Strom  victims of Tamilnadu, India. This fund will help our volunteers meet survivors’ who are in immediate needs for essential food, medicines, hygiene products, and etc.,

I request your timely help to support the victims of Gaja Strom in Tamil Nadu.
Your support will help the victims directly. If you have any question please feel free to send email to
Thanks for your support. Maharishi Bless you all.
Yours Dr Ravikumar K

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Guru Poornima

Agathiyar sidhars v4

Dear Devotees,

Wishing you all a Very Happy Guru Poornima

This video will help you to  listen, learn and practice the following soulful song on Lord Shiva.  The lyrics in English language given in the description of the video as well as given below .  Soon we will add the Tamil version of the lyrics. Sincere thanks to Samarpan Bajan Goup

Lyrics in English

Ajara Amara Amala Vimala Aadhi Natha Amara Natha

Roopa Roopa Vishwa Roopa Jyothi Roopa Swaprakasa

Deva Deva Parama Deva Parama Vyoma Amara Natha (Ajara Amara..)

Shoba Chandra Sekarendra Soma Soorya Vanni Nayana

Swetha Hema Swetha Padhma Swetha Basma Amara Natha (Ajara Amara..)

Vishwa Jothi Aathma Jothi Amara Jothi Jothi Jothi

Vedha Vedhya Muneendra Vandhitha Vaidhya Natha Amara Natha (Ajara Amara..)

Lord Shiva and Sri Parashakthi bless you all.

Yours Dr Ravikumar K

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A Very Happy Tamil New Year 2018

Dear every one,

thamizh puthandu vaazhththugal


Wishing You all A Very Happy and Harmonious

Tamil New Year 2018

I pray to Sri Parashakthi and all the Maharishis

to shower their blessings contiously to every one of you on this planet Earth.

Please join our blog for more updates.

Thank you very much for your  continuous support.

Yours, Dr Ravikumar K

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Holy Mount Kailash Dharshan on Maha Shivarathri

Dear Devoteees,

On this Holy Maha Shivarathri, wishing you all a Very Happy Maha Shivarathri.  I am sharing one of my video in Holy Mount Kailash to all of you to get the Dharshan and Blessings from Lord Shiva & Shakthi.


Dr Ravikumar K


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Please void posting the damaged Sri Lopamudra vigraham’s picture

Dear Devotees, It is devastating to view the picture of damaged Sri Lopamudra vigraham from our temple in FaceBook, Whatsapp or any other media. It will be nice if we can void this picture in any post. I can not / will not post my mother’s head injury picture to the public. Some people have posted it already, but they may not know how to react or express.
From now on please don’t share or post the damaged Sri Lopamudra vigraham’s picture. If you come across any one who posted it, please help them to understand.
Instead, you can post the support link.
I appreciate your support and cooperation. Maharishi bless you all.
Yours, Dr Ravikumar K
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Sri Agathiyar & Lopamudra


December 2011, Dr. K. Ravikumar from USA visited Kalyana Theertham. He was informed that there was a statue of Sri Agasthiyar on the peetam which was washed away during 1992 flood. The moment he heard, felt an unique vibration on him. He went to meditation and the divine informed him to install Sri Agasthiyar & Lopamudra vigrahams.

Immediately he shared this experience with Mr S. Santhanakrishnan who is the Sthapathy ( Temple Architect ) for Rajagopuram construction in Parashakthi temple, Michigan, USA. Without any hesitation Mr.Santhanakrishnan came forward to help to start this temple Project. He created beautiful vigrahams of Sri Agasthiyar & Lopamudra and also including the temple project design. Sthapathy Mr. Ramesh who is a main coordinator and helping from the beginning of this temple project.

Dr. M. Murugesan, Chairman Namakkal South India Transport, helped us to get the permission from the The Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department to construct this temple. On October 28th 2012 Prana Pratishta of Sri Agasthiyar & Lopamudra vigrahams are done.

It is an upcoming, small, spiritually powerful and beautiful temple. To build this temple, except water every thing need to be carried to top which came out a very challenging one. With the blessings of Sri Agathiyar & Lopamudra to carry every single carved stone through narrow path came out success. Before to start the construction and Installation, Dr. K. Ravikumar traveled to Manimahesh Kailash in Himachal Pradesh, Badrinath, Muktinath in Nepal, Haridwar – River Ganges , Madurai Meenakshi temple, etc. Carried the Yantram and brought theertham / Holly water for the installation ceremony.

Dr G Krishnakumar MD, FRCP, Spiritual Director, President of Sri Parashakthi temple, Michigan, USA did the prayer before the vigrahams are sent for installation.

Sri Thavathiru Rangaraja Desiga Swamigal, Ongarakudil, Thuraiur, India Blessed Dr.K.Ravikumar to build this temple successfully.


With regards
Dr Ravikumar K

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