My Mother’s Visit to Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra Temple, Kalyana Theertham, India

During the year 2013 & 2014, Dr Urquhart Andrrew, Orthopedic surgeon, UFM, USA, did Total Knee Replacement surgery on my mother’s both the knees.  The surgery and the post operative care came out very well. My sincere thanks to entire team of Dr Urquhart.

My 78 years old mother started walking very well and revealed her desire to visit Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra Temple in Kalyana Theertham, India.  I made some arrangement to carry my mother to the temple.  She decided to walk on her own.  It is purely the miracle of Maharishi & Lopamudra and their blessings which made her climb over this small mountain which consists of around 200 steps. Sincere thanks to Mr Kumar,  Mr Chellappa, Mr. Kannan, and Mr. Sudhan who helped us during this trip.

The reasons I am sharing this video are to reveal our gratitude Dr Urquhart & his team, my love with respect for my mother and for many other devotees around the world esp., elderly. Please don’t give up and you will be blessed by Maharishi & Lopamudra to visit the temple to receive their blessings.

Yours, Dr Ravikumar K

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