Prayer & Homam for Universal Peace in Sri Thulaseeswarar Temple, Kolathur, Chingelput, India- April 30th 2017

Free Sangalpam & Registration for Prayer & Homam for Universal Peace, Safety, Security, Success and Harmony towards all the Friends & Families. Please click here to register for Free Sangalpam

Thulaseeswarar v2

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-15 at 2.15.45 AM

Thulaseeswarar v1

Sri Thulaseeswarar temple is situated at Kolathur village. This temple was built during the reign of Pallava / Vikrama Chola . This temple is more than 1200 years old. A sabha was registered in the name of Sri Thulaseeswarar Baktha Jana Sabha (society registration no 443 – 2005) and temple renovation was undertaken & Maha kumbabishekam was performed on 22nd Aug 2010. Regular poojas are being performed. Please watch the video below about this temple.

Please share this to your friends and families around the world so that many devotees can receive the divine blessings.  Thanks for your support.

Feel free to contact me for question. Yours Dr Ravikumar K,

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