Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra Temple Vandalized (damaged)

Agathiyar sidhars v4

Dear Devotees,

I am very sorry and deeply hurt to inform you all that Sri Lopamudra vigraham in our temple in Kalyana theertham, Vandalized (damaged) by an unknown person. I have no words to express what myself and many other devotees around the world are going though.   I have received many emails and Whatsapp messages from the devotees around the world  revealing their shock, sorrow, support.  Many devotees don’t believe this vandalism and don’t know how to reveal themselfves.

Thanks to all the devotees who contacted and communicated with me.  I am also going through the same emotional shock but having the faith, belief, trust & devotion on Sri Parashakthi, Sri Maharishi & Lopamudra and to guide us further.

Only Sri Maharishi & Lopamudra knows why this and what is next.

I am still continuing to complete the temple ASAP.  Due to sensitivity and complexity of this issue, it need to be handled in a deligent manner.

A Humble Request

If any of you like to reveal your support please click here to send me your contact information. If any of you know how to contact Tamil Nadu Chief Minister or Forest Minister, either personally or any other way regarding this issue and to get the permission from the forest department, please contact me first.  My phone 0012487571877 ( USA) or email to  

Pease do continue your prayers to resolve this situation ASAP. I will keep you all posted of the developments. I appreciate all your support and cooperation.  Sri Maharishi & Lopamudra bless you all.

Yours, Dr Ravikumar K,

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4 Responses to Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra Temple Vandalized (damaged)

  1. Ramkrishnan . S , Mumbai . says:

    Extremely sorry ,sad to hear about this untoward incident thru u r email. Hope this bad phase will clear off soon .


  2. Suresh d says:

    Sir Am ready to help in any manner.Waiting for your suggestions.


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