Guru Poornima

Agathiyar sidhars v4

Dear Devotees,

Wishing you all a Very Happy Guru Poornima

This video will help you to  listen, learn and practice the following soulful song on Lord Shiva.  The lyrics in English language given in the description of the video as well as given below .  Soon we will add the Tamil version of the lyrics. Sincere thanks to Samarpan Bajan Goup

Lyrics in English

Ajara Amara Amala Vimala Aadhi Natha Amara Natha

Roopa Roopa Vishwa Roopa Jyothi Roopa Swaprakasa

Deva Deva Parama Deva Parama Vyoma Amara Natha (Ajara Amara..)

Shoba Chandra Sekarendra Soma Soorya Vanni Nayana

Swetha Hema Swetha Padhma Swetha Basma Amara Natha (Ajara Amara..)

Vishwa Jothi Aathma Jothi Amara Jothi Jothi Jothi

Vedha Vedhya Muneendra Vandhitha Vaidhya Natha Amara Natha (Ajara Amara..)

Lord Shiva and Sri Parashakthi bless you all.

Yours Dr Ravikumar K

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