Help Gaja Strom Victims in Tamil Nadu

Agasthiyar Panorama

Dear Friends & Devotees,

We are trying to help the victims of Gaja Strom In Tamil Nadu.  One of our volunteer Mr S. Rameshkumar,  Indian Airforce Veteran, is already went to the Vedaranyam village with little of essential commodities to help the victims.  We still need more support to help the victims.
People are afraid and continue to suffer without homes or even the basic stability of earth to consider rebuilding. Personally, I really wanted to help some victims directly during this challenging time. I expressed my desire to my friends, volunteers, & famillies and, every one willing to  coordinate to help the people in need.

Please click here to view public fund raising page


You can send your Donation directly to either one of the Bank Accounts.  The details are as follows.

Ravikumar Kareesan, Indian Overseas Bank, India
Account number – 048201000024134,
Mahalingapuram branch.
CHENNAI , 600034.


Fifth Third Bank, USA
Ravikumar Kareesan
A/C Number – 7975393864
Routing number – 072405455
Waterford, Michigan 48327

Our commitment is to help, please join us,  make a donation and forward the link! Thank you for your support! All donations to this fund will support directly to the Strom  victims of Tamilnadu, India. This fund will help our volunteers meet survivors’ who are in immediate needs for essential food, medicines, hygiene products, and etc.,

I request your timely help to support the victims of Gaja Strom in Tamil Nadu.
Your support will help the victims directly. If you have any question please feel free to send email to
Thanks for your support. Maharishi Bless you all.
Yours Dr Ravikumar K

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