Appreciation to Our Volunteers

Phase 1 “Gaja” Storm Help

Immediately after the ” Gaja” storm, Mr Rameshkumar S, Ex Indian Air Force, informed us about the damages and ready for his volunteering help to those villages hit by the storm.  Within a short period of time he was able to coordinate with many volunteers including our volunteers from Chennai.  Though we had little fund to start with we were able to join with Rameshkumar S.  We sent our volunteers Mr Maghesh and Mr Kevin from Chennai on November 23rd with minimal essential commodities.

Along with native village volunteers, every one made a very good team work to supply essential commodities to around 300 families in Thiruvarur, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam and Pudukottai districts of Tamil Nadu, India. This was our Phase One help to those victims. 

You can view the tireless activities of all the volunteers helping the people as much as possible in the above video.  Every one worked very hard, in the rain, in the mud, day and night to help the people.  

 We really appreciate all the volunteers including the many names which are not mentioned here. We prepared even better and bigger volunteers group for Phase Two storm relief help and will be described in the next.  We can still help more people if we can raise more funds.  Please share this information, which will help us to help more victims.  

For online donation please click the link below        

To send money through bank , the account details given below,  

Indian Overseas Bank, India
Ravikumar Kareesan
Account number – 048201000024134,
Mahalingapuram branch.
CHENNAI , 600034.

Your suggestions are welcome to raise the fund.  For question email,  Once again sincere thanks to all the Volunteers, Supporters and Donors.

Yours, Dr Ravikumar K,


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