“Gaja” strom relief help- Phase 2

Dear Friends & Devotees,

December 1st and 2nd our volunteers did second phase help in four districts of Tamil Nadu, India, including Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam and Pudukottai districts. We distributed Taurpaulins to 250 families those who are in desparate need of help. Our volunteers selected families those who are in deeper part of the villages and in need of help.

These Taurpaulins will help help them to cover their huts, damaged houses and protect them from the rain. Though they are in need of many help we try to do the best within the available funds.

We continued third phase of help which will be revealed in next.

For online donation please click the link below 


To send money through bank , the account details given below,  

Indian Overseas Bank, India
Ravikumar Kareesan 
Account number – 048201000024134, 
Mahalingapuram branch.
CHENNAI , 600034.

Your suggestions are welcome to raise the fund.  For question email, sriagathiyarlopamudratemple@gmail.com.  Once again sincere thanks to all the Volunteers, Supporters and Donors.

Sri Parashakthi Bless All.

Yours, Dr Ravikumar K http://Agasthiyarravikumar.org

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