Gaja Storm Relief Update

Dear friends, donors and volunteers,
I just wanted to share some updates. First I really appreciate all your help and support.

So far we were able to provide
Phase 1, Supplied food and essential commodities to around 150 families.

Phase 2, Donated Tarpaulins to 250 families.

Phase 3, Donated Solar & Electric powered LED lantern lights to 500 families.

Phase 4, we supported financially two families to rebuild their house.

Every time we also gave picture of Sri Parashakthi on one side and the other side with Sri Agasthiyar & Lopamudra to around 1500 families.

This divine picture or blessings will provide everything what everyone need during the challenging time.

Phase 5, We conducted Homam for Sri Ganapathy, 18 Siiddhars, and Sri Prathyangira Devi, to protect, heal and provide essential support to all afflicted people during the storm.

These prayers were conducted in two locations one in Pudukottai and the other in Vedaranyam district. In each locations around 250 families participated. They also received food after the prayers.

Totally we were able to reach around 2000 families who were in desperate need of help.

Our volunteers gave their service to the people of Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Pudukottai and Nagapattinam districts of TamilNadu.

Around 30 volunteers were involved and more from local areas, to provide these humanity services, on timely manner without expecting anything.

Though I couldn’t go to the spot, I monitored through video conference, photo, cellphone conference and other modes , to make sure right people get the right thing on right time.

My sincere thanks every one for their continuous support to help the people those who are in need of help. Let us continue this divine service to support more people around the world.

Sincerely your’s, Dr Ravikumar K

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